Introducing: Modernboys Moderngirls

Modernboys Moderngirls (MBMG) are officially releasing their debut album, I Might As Well Break It on September 15, 2009. The album was self-produced by singer, songwriter and guitarist Akira Alemany and mixed by Ryan Mills (Born Ruffians, Most Serene Republic).

In 2008, the band printed an early cut of the album so they could book summer festivals and have something to put on their merch table at shows. This official release features additional recordings, 3 new songs, and has been re-mixed and re-mastered to prepare the album for an international release. The record will be released independently by the band, and distributed by Fontana North. It will be available in stores across Canada and digitally across North America.

I Might As Well Break It's 10 songs relish in the unmistakable MBMG garage soul sound - A driving rhythm section, slashing guitars, and Alemany's whiskey drenched vocals. The album is an exposed live wire, that mimics the energy of the band's live set, burning through 60s soul and garage, '50s pop gems and 70s punk-funk influenced songs. "The album is meant to never let up, never give you a chance to catch your breath. I wanted to make a record about people and relationships falling apart not brick by brick but all at once", says Alemany about his intentions for the recording and writing of I Might As Well Break It.