Signing! Those Who Lie Beneath & the Bled Sign to Rise

RISE RECORDS is proud to welcome THOSE WHO LIE BENEATH into the family. Their debut album " An Awakening" is due out on October 13th.Check out 2 brand new songs on their myspace page: Their new album is pure 'shock and awe'. They play some of the most brutal music in the scene today. Catch them on the road soon.

RISE RECORDS is beyond excited to announce the signing of THE BLED. The band is currently in their home state of Arizona recording their new album which will be released in early 2010.
THE BLED has been a fixture in the scene for years and has no plans of slowing down. Probably one of the most respected bands around, THE BLED continue to push the envelope with their song writing.

With this new album, the band is going back to their roots. Having a sound reminiscent of their debut album Pass the Flask, but with a modern twist and far superior musicianship. Look for them on tour with Alesana in Sept/Oct.