Reviewed! Tantric - 'Mind Control'

‘Mind Control’
Silent Majority Group

‘Mind Control’ sees Tantric releasing a new record a mere 16 months after their previous record, ‘The End Begins,’ an interesting note seeing as how it’d been over four years between the bands 2005 release ‘After We Go’ and ‘The End Begins.’ Perhaps the band was making up for lost time, who knows. They are still a band attempting to pick up the pieces though. Vocalist Hugo Ferreira was left alone not too long ago with a completed record (‘Tantric III’), but no band, since his entire band left him. He enlisted the help of a new crop of musicians, although former Fuel drummer Kevin Miller has since left the fold. He was replaced by the bands third drummer to date, Richie Monica.

Tantric dabbles on the heavier side of rock music during most of ‘Mind Control,’ a sound they’ve been careening towards ever since the release of ‘The End Begins.’ There is no doubt that Ferriera is still a very talented frontman let alone songwriter, and further showcases the fact that he and Tantric can write radio-ready rock tracks with an accessible sheen, case in point, the album’s title track. ‘Mind Control’ could be viewed as a stronger, albeit better, track than the bands last hit single, ‘Down and Out.’ While many thought the latter to be the bands best penned opus to date, the former could very well give it a run for its money in time. In typical Tantric fashion, ‘Mind Control’ houses no shortage of perfectly hooked cuts primed for broadcast (‘The Past is In the Past,’ ‘Run Out,’ ‘What Are You Waiting For’) as well as songs that prove Tantric can do this whole hard rock thing pretty well too (‘Coming Undone,’ ‘Fall to the Ground,’ ‘Let’s Start’).

Ferriera even extends further than a mere microphone, stepping behind a piano for the intro/outro of ‘Coming Undone’ as well as showing off his six string skills during the 1:27 instrumental interlude that is ‘Intermerzzo.’

Ironically enough ‘Mind Control’ doesn’t sound forced, more a natural progression of sound. Perhaps the lack of a rushed sound comes from the production skills of former Creed/Dark New Day Brent Hestla. He brings a fresh edge to the table, which is clear from start to finish. The record doesn’t sound overproducer either, a pitfall many bands incur when releasing albums too soon.

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about Tantric. Hell, with two releases in a year and a half, how could you? Many thought the band was done a handful of years ago. Those people were wrong. Many people thought ‘The End Begins’ was literally that, the beginning of the end. Those people were wrong. ‘Mind Control’ is more than a release from the new formation of Tantric. This is Tantric, plain and simple. Generic song titles aside, this is the best Tantric record since their 2001 eponymous release.

Grade: B
Listen to: ‘Mind Control,’ ‘Guiding Me’