Reviewed! Senses Fail - 'Life Is Not a Waiting Room'

Senses Fail
‘Life Is A Waiting Room’

With ‘Life Is Not a Waiting Room,’ Senses Fail has again found that certain sense of urgency in their music that they haven’t had since their EP ‘From the Depths of Dreams.’ In so many words, they sound young again, they sound so fresh.

Let’s face it; everyone thought this band peaked with the excellent ‘Let It Enfold You.’ They followed that up with ‘Still Searching,’ which seemed as forced as it was rushed even thought it took two years to release. Well, hopefully Senses Fail hasn’t peaked yet, but if they have, ‘Life Is Not a Waiting Room’ might be a good album to hang their hat on.

In some ways this record sounds like the bulk of what the guys have done in the past, but it also offers some new looks for the band as well. While the album can shred like on the guitar-frenzied ‘Lungs Like Gallows,’ the album can also pour with emotion like on ‘Yellow Angels’ and ‘Map The Streets.’

Singer Buddy Nielsen’s vocals are as much heart-on-sleeve as they are tongue-in-cheek and it is that aesthetic that makes the album one of their better one released yet.

‘Life Is Not a Waiting Room’ is an album rife with maturity. It’s an album that moves the band further away from the New Found Glory-esque songwriting style. If this record is the start of a new direction for Senses Fail, they’ll be a better band for it.