Reviewed! Glyphic - 'Everything Eventual'

‘Everything Eventual’

Glyphic are just as able as any other rock band you might hear today on the radio, but unlike them, they haven’t gotten their big break, which will surely come soon after the release of their debut full length, ‘Everything Eventual.’ The follow-up to their previously released three song EP is a full representation of the bands musical capacity, which, judging by this release, is vast.

With Glyphic, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a sentiment that rings true in this case. The band as one is better than any musician individually; a cohesive unit full of talented rock musicians, not one better than the next.

‘Everything Eventual’ does not fade, yet plays devils’ advocate to most paradoxes of current releases and picks up steam down the stretch. Ironically enough some of the bands stronger tracks can be found near the end of the disc (‘In White,’ ‘Everything Eventual’), although there is a lot of great material along the way to those tracks (‘The Unseen,’ ‘Plastic Girl’). They are a band with the moxy of a young Chevelle (just listen to ‘First Home’ and you’ll agree).

These guys have long been one of Denver’s finer rock acts, a foothold they have surely cemented with this release, although they might not be in Denver for too much longer – the night lights should be calling their name sooner than later.

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