Reviewed! Emery - '...In Shallow Seas We Sail'

'…In Shallow Seas We Sail'
Tooth and Nail Records

If you thought Emery was good before, they have only gotten better with '…In Shallow Seas We Sail,' by far their biggest release to date. This album soothes as it crushes, providing a picture-perfect blend of powerful screams and outstanding singing. Hell, even without the screaming this album would still be good.

This is some of the better emotional hardcore in recent memory; with angular but precise guitars, fresh, oft-varied vocals due to the bands three headed vocal attach featuring Toby Morell, Josh Head and Devin Shelton. Emery employ bleeding heart lyrics that all guys can surely relate to on ‘Edge of the World’ – ‘Let’s get this over with/I’d like to get some sleep tonight/if I provide the rope I know you’ll do the rest/I know she’s just a girl but she’s got me standing on the edge.’ Also, if Emery ever wanted to give up this whole emo-core thing, they could have a future at mainstream rock (‘A Sin to Hold On To,’ ‘Dear Death Part 1’).

Some of '…In Shallow Seas We Sail' is disposable but Emery do enough to truthfully say that the pros outweigh the cons.