Reviewed! Charm City Devils - 'Let's Rock-N-Roll'

Charm City Devils
'Let’s Rock-N-Roll'
Eleven Seven Music

From the onset of the title track off Charm City Devils debut release for Nikki Sixx’s Eleven Seven Music, 'Let’s Rock-N-Roll,' the comparisons abound. Names like Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Hinder will immediately come to mind, but don’t let that scare you off, because Charm City Devils aren’t a mere carbon copy like so many of the afore mentioned ilk.

In today’s modern rock and roll revival, most new bands try so hard to sound like someone else but CCD are more than that, something their debut showcases. Led by frontman, brainchild and former SR-71 drummer John Allen, CCD deliver straight up, stripped down no frills rock with a certain swagger that begs to be heard. Their sound is through and through garage rock infused with a raw modern element. If when listening to 'Let’s Rock-N-Roll' you think it sounds as it were in fact recorded in as garage, you’re not far off; it originally was recorded in Allen’s own home studio, in his basement. Think of that in a good way, not in the Metallica St. Anger way. It’s about as raw as you can get, the exact effect that separates CCD and 'Let’s Rock-N-Roll' from the rest of the pack.

'Let’s Rock-N-Roll' needs to be cranked to the hilt. Let’s face it; Sixx didn’t make them his first signing because they suck. When a guy like that mentions your band in the same breath as Aerosmith and AC/DC, you’re doing something right.