Reviewed! Cavo - 'Bright Nights, Dark Days'

‘Bright Nights, Dark Days’
Reprise Records

To many, St. Louis’ Cavo has risen out of relative obscurity pretty much overnight to gain the mainstream successes they are currently enjoying, including a slot on the Monster Energy stage at this years’ Crue Fest, as well as a spot on the ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ soundtrack. But to those in the know, the band has long worked their asses off letting their music speak for itself, quality release after quality release. The bands’ latest offering and second full length, ‘Bright Night, Dark Days,’ is the most recent entry to the bands popular body of work, including two EP’s, ‘A Space to Fill’ and ‘Champagne’ as well as a previous full length, ‘The Painful Art of Letting Go.’ So, yes, to those that did not know, these boys have paid their dues.

‘Bright Nights, Dark Days’ is the culmination of everything Cavo has accomplished up until this point, a penultimate example of what these guys can accomplish musically. Producer David Bendeth’s (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin) presence can be felt up and down this record, as most of it is coated with his atypical radio ready sheen. It isn’t quite overproduced, yet produced just enough for it to be noticeable.

There is a lot to take away this record. You have your usual rebel rousing tracks about booze and women (‘Champagne,’ ‘Crash’) as well as instant crowd favorites (‘Over Again,’ ‘Blame’), but surprisingly a lot of ‘Bright Nights, Dark Days’ sounds vulnerable and affected, something you wouldn’t expect from a band of this ilk. Tracks like ‘Let It Go,’ ‘Ghost’ and ‘Useless’ show Cavo have staying power. The relatable lyrics, singable hooks and overall modern mainstream feel should have these boys hanging around long after the Hinder’s and Saving Abel’s of the world have fizzled out and faded away. Ironically, some of this record even sounds like something Daughtry and Our Lady Peace would be fans of (‘My Little Secret’).

Sure, as with almost every record, there are forgettable tracks, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right? All in all, ‘Bright Nights, Dark Days’ is a triumph for Cavo.

Grade: B
Listen to: ‘Let It Go,’ ‘Useless’