New Music! From Song from A Sunny Day in Glasgow

MP3: "Ashes Grammar / Ashes Maths"

Opening with a ten second homage to Estonian composer Arvo Part, it's immediately apparent that A Sunny Day in Glasgow's new album, Ashes Grammar, is going to be a much more visceral outing than their 2007 album debut, Scribble Mural Comic Journal. It takes a few minutes for the record to even begin to reveal itself, as a swarm of 1950s acapella ("Secrets at the prom") gives way to resonant drones, room noise, and sub bass ("Slaughter killing carnage"). It's here that "Failure" unexpectedly kicks in with a tribal stomp and a fluttering guitar acting as a pair of wings, lifting the circular chants of the song's melody off the ground. It's all at once joyous, insecure, and blissed-out-and sounds nothing like we've heard from A Sunny Day in Glasgow before.