Reviewed! Various Artists - Tranformers 2 Soundtrack

Various Artists
Transformers 2 Soundtrack
Reprise Records

There are many that think the second Transformers movie will be not only the biggest blockbuster of the summer, but the best movie of the year. Although that point will definitely be up for argument, there should be no argument that the accompanying soundtrack is the best of its kind so far this year, and other soundtracks of 2009 will have a hard time topping it.

Normally, soundtracks aren’t this good, but they come around every once in a while. This record is kicked off aptly by the efforts strongest track, Linkin Park’s ‘New Divide.’ LP’s second time kicking off a Transformers movie soundtrack (‘What I’ve Done’ opened the first) is a track penned specifically for this release, something almost unheard of nowadays. Its sound follows in line with what the band did on their last release, ‘Minutes to Midnight,’ and is very much the crown jewel of the album. Another track written just for this record its closer, Cheap Trick’s take on the classic Transformers theme (‘Transformers the Fallen Remix’), remixed for this movie. Mute Math remade the song for the first movie, but this time around that job belongs to the seminal rockers, and it is excellent.

The Used are back again (‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ appeared on the first), this time with a cover of the Talking Heads classic ‘Burning Down the House,’ and Taking Back Sunday make another Transformers appearance with ‘Capital M-E.’ ‘What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost’ was on the first.

The rest of the soundtrack plays out very nicely, including tracks from the Fray (‘Never Say Never’), Green Day (’21 Guns’), Theory of a Deadman (‘Not Meant to Be’), All-American Rejects (‘Real World’), Hoobastank (‘I Don’t Think I Love You’) and Staind (‘This Is It’).

Whoever put this soundtrack together obviously realized this record needed to be as good as the movie itself, and they have succeeded. The Transformers 2 movie soundtrack should be the best movie soundtrack released in 2009 and is one of the finest in recent memory. If you have two of the biggest bands in the world (LP and CT) open and close your album, then you have to be doing something right.

Grade: A
Listen to: Linkin Park – ‘New Divide’