Reviewed! Sparks the Rescue - 'Eyes to the Sun'

Sparks the Rescue
‘Eyes to the Sun’
Fearless Records

Fearless Records has always been a forward thinking record label, one that has a knack for mining young talent with one eye on current musical trends and the other set squarely on the future. This is surely evidenced by some of their recent signings, like Every Avenue, the Maine and Eye Alaska, and more recently Sparks the Rescue.

Their debut ‘Eyes to the Sun’ is like a good cake; on the inside it is light, fluffy and easy to digest, but at the same time not too filling. It’s also well produced. On the outside though is where it counts. It looks tempting and tasty, and the most important part, the frosting, needs to be good or else you’re not going to enjoy it. And boy, do Sparks the Rescue know how to make good frosting.

Their hooks are well crafted, really working to fuel the effort on the whole. As with most bands of this ilk, the vocals are the driving force. Vocalist Alex Roy effortlessly maneuvers his way in and out of sing-able hook after sing-able hook, an overall aesthetic the band pays a lot of attention to. With sold blueprint scene theatrics (‘My Heart Radio,’ ‘Autumn,’ ‘Shipwreck’), a ode to Mother Nature and her oft-cruel tricks (‘Hello Mexico’) and even a quasi-post-hardcore offering (‘Saco Boys Have No Class’), ‘With Eyes to the Sun’ should tickle the taste buds of even the most finicky tween, or basically any current fan of the genre.

With ‘Eyes to the Sun,’ Sparks the Rescue show that they have a pretty good handle on this whole powerpop thing.

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