Reviewed! Paul Oakenfold - 'Perfecto Vegas'

Paul Oakenfold
‘Perfecto Vegas’
Perfecto/Maverick Records

After listening to merely the opening track of renowned turntable genius Paul Oakenfold’s newest effort, aptly titled ‘Perfecto Vegas,’ it is clearly evident why he is one of the world’s best spinners. The album, named after his groundbreaking DJ residency at the Rain Nightclub at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, marks the next release in his long line of DJ mix records, dating back to 1994, with releases annually (besides 2002 & 2006).

The two best electronic records released this year have arguably been the Prodigy’s ‘Invaders Must Die’ and Julien-K’s ‘Death to Analog,’ and Oakenfold is doing his part in joining their company with ‘Perfecto Vegas.’ Hell, it already has debuted at number one, ahead of the Joan Brothers, yes the Jonas Brothers, at, due in large part to it $3.99 price tag, but no one ever said Oakenfold didn’t know what he was doing. It’s easily the biggest release in electronic music yet in 2009, and not just because of his revered name. He has spent years perfecting his craft, leading to his many successes, this record included.

His latest opus is a return to form so to speak for the famed DJ, a movement back to his classic touches of progressive house and away from the trash/pop sound he has embraced lately. It hits on a variety of sounds under the electronica umbrella, and should satisfy the taste buds of fans of house, trance, progressive, club and acid house, leaving an enjoyable taste on the tongues of every listener. It’s the type of record that while you’re listening to it, if you’re not moving with it, you have no heart – it’s just that suggestive. It’s as ambient and atmospheric as anything you’ll hear being released today, leading most tracks to sound endearing and emotional. Oakenfold’s knack for stunning experimentalism hasn’t faded either, another running theme of this two hour (yes, two hours!), double disc effort. It is truly a dizzying sonic journey through enough deep trance to propel you right into the middle of the dance floor.

‘Perfecto Vegas’ is a record that any house/trance fan needs to have in your collection, and as with many of Oakenfold’s prior releases, your collection will be better off with it. Today’s nightclub scene might pay more attention to names like David Guetta and Armin van Buuren on the world’s stage, but it is time to start shifting some of that praise and awareness back to Paul Oakenfold.

Grade: A
Listen to: ‘Fallen Angel’s Symphony,’ ‘Becoming You’