Reviewed! The Blackout - 'The Best in Town'

The Blackout
The Best In Town
Epitaph Records

With the Best in Town, the Blackout surely have released one of the more powerful records thus far this year. The Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, United Kingdom group prove on their second release that the best screamo/post-hardcore bands might not reside in the United States.

They do a number of things well with this disc, constructing solid efforts that lend themselves more towards pure screamo than anything else, as well as some tight little punk numbers, but the the Best in Town shines when it focuses on picture-perfect hooks. ‘Children of Night’ is a great example of such, coming complete with a hook sung by children themselves, and although it could be misconstrued as somewhat hokey, the gang vocal effort ‘Save Our Selves (The Warning)’ shines through as the albums clear winner. It could sound manufactured to some, but a memorable song is just that, memorable.

On the Best in Town, The Blackout do their best Used impression (‘STFUppercut,’ ‘The Fire’), show they probably hold a special place in their heart for Every Time I Die (‘’We’re Going To Hell...So Bring the Sunblock’), as well as showcase their dexterity with soirees into pop punk acrobatics (‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’).

This is a frenzied work with a strong sense of urgency, full of whirling guitars, chugging breakdowns and cutting drum work. It’s truly a spirited effort clocking in a shade over 30 minutes, proof positive that good things can come in small packages.