News! Mightier Than Sword Signs Such Gold

Mightier Than Sword Records is proud to announce their newest signing: SUCH GOLD. The Rochester, NY quintet is comprised of Ben Kotin (vocals), Nate Derby (guitar), Tim Heald (guitar), Devon Hubbard (bass), and Devan Bentley (drums).

Reminiscent of classic melodic hardcore such as Lifetime and Saves the Day, SUCH GOLD calls to mind the glory days of basement shows, DIY ethic, and that indescribable fists-up, shout-a-long passion. Engaging and energetic, SUCH GOLD garnered attention after making their three song demo available on Myspace.

SUCH GOLD is currently in the middle of a self-booked summer tour alongside Man Overboard and Truth Is and the band will continue to tour locally throughout July and August.

Details on SUCH GOLD’s upcoming EP will be available in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more information from the band!