News! Have You Heard Jupiter Rising on TV? Probably.

Whether you know it or not, chances are good that you’ve heard a Jupiter Rising song recently. The band is one of the most-licensed indie acts in pop music today, with their catchy songs airing in over 35 national TV shows and ad campaigns, including A national Chevrolet ad, MTV’s Laguna Beach, The Hills, and The City, Fox Sports promos, The Unit (CBS), Criminal Minds (CBS) Dance Wars (ABC), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Crash (Starz), and more. The duo of Spencer Nezey and Jessie Payo make infectious, dance floor-ready electropop that Nylon Magazine called “a unique, throw-it-in-a-blender mix of Timbaland, Girl Talk and Kylie Minogue.” Metro NY declared that the songs on their new album ‘The Quiet Hype’ (Chime/Fontana) “will likely sneak into classic status.”

Check out the video for their addictive single “Falling Away” (as heard on The City) here: