News! Aluminum Babe Release New Album

Emerging from electro parties all over New York City comes ALUMINUM BABE with their new offering 17. The band has been honing their sound over the past few years which can easily fit on a packed dancefloor, a psychedelic rock club or dark lounge at 4am. The pulsating beats are coupled with live instrumentation which brings a vibe to the music that the New York Press describes as: “pop hooks with raw power and dance beats without sounding like anyone else".

Always pressing forward while nodding at the past, Aluminum Babe delivers 13 new tracks of refreshing electroclash produced with Ian Love (Rival Schools) and Gerard Garone (Radio 4) and three re-mixes provided by UK’s Dez (a.k.a. Slave Driver) Spain’s Jose Gonzales and USA’s Samonik. The renowned remixers bring different styles at re-working the first track on the record “Infatuation” with each bringing their own country’s flavor and sound.

Formed in 2001 by Swedish front-woman Anna and bassist George on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Aluminum Babe started playing parties and clubs like The Mercury Lounge, building a loyal following that has spread worldwide with performances at high profile clubs and festivals throughout Germany, Spain, Bangkok, the UK and more.

The band plans to tour the U.S. later this year but will bring their show on the road to Europe, first playing Germany and Spain with Spain's hottest DJs Angelidiota. Look for the band to hit the road in the States this fall.