New Music! Introducing Black Mold aka Chad Van Gaalen

A warped and mutated blend of the futuristic and the organic, Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz is the debut album from Black Mold - the electronic alter-ego of songwriter and 2009 Polaris Finalist Chad VanGaalen. With Black Mold, VanGaalen is allowed the freedom to explore the wildest tangents of his instrumental work, using a broad palette of glitches and noise married with the warm hues of acoustic instruments. Guided by a free-associative approach to songwriting, the songs show the full-blown instrumental side that VanGaalen hinted at sparingly on his own albums.

Fans of VanGaalen may draw immediate parallels between Black Mold and the early electronic groundwork of "J.C.'s Head on the Cross" (Infiniheart, 2005), the enigmatic synthesizer lines of "Red Hot Drops"(Skelliconnection, 2007) or the quasi-literate dance styling of "TMNT Mask" (Soft Airplane, 2008). While many songs embody the spirit of the more accessible pop-based leanings of VanGaalen's solo work, the debut album from Black Mold is the product of an artist bent on creating a personal soundscape.