Introducing! New Jersey's A Clear Blurr

A Clear Blurr is gearing up to release their second studio album, Trigonometry, out September 29th, 2009. The band chose to work with John Collura (former guitarist for The Atari’s) who produced the record at Silent Owl Studios in Orange County, NY.

A Clear Blurr is a pop punk band with monstrous energy and belting harmonies who have a reputation for crafting infectious melodies and a performance that significantly surpasses their age. Formed in 2007 these recent high school grads have already released a full-length album called Drop Everything, which is in the hands of over 3,500 people via HotTopic and SmartPunk and have played over 100 shows with opening slots for Revolution Mother, Socratic and Bedlight for Blue Eyes as well as a date on The Vans 2008 Warped Tour after winning a local battle of the bands competition.

With each new show around NY, NJ and PA, love for the band continues to grow stronger as they unleash their music and interact with fans. As their shows continue to thrive, the band’s new disc aims to ignite even more buzz with a more mature and dynamic sound. “Our first album was really poppy and it was very natural for us at that time” Tom says. “All the songs were a day in the life of us, high school students, so of course we touched upon different subjects from girls to girls to, um, girls. Trigonometry is heavier with more complex harmonies, but is still energetic,” says singer Tom Kenney.

Three stand out tracks on the album are, “Drive Me Crazy,” “Being Around You” and “Barely Breathing” all of which will be going to alternative radio in August.

With high school graduation just a month ago, the band will work this summer in between touring and promoting Trigonometry. “We’re just regular kids,” Tom says. “We don’t look like the kind of kids that would be in a band and we don’t drink or do drugs. We’re the normal kids you see in high school. I’m the captain of the golf team. Kevin has a 4.0 GPA and we are all honor students. We are friends with everybody and everybody can relate to our music.”

The band plays to over 300+ kids at each NJ show and always have the support from the town. In November 2008 the Edison Town Council of New Jersey publicly recognized the band for their dedicated community service, marking the first time the town has ever honored a rock band. The band also recently helped raise money for a scholarship fund (set up to honor a close friend who passed away in April 2009) by organizing what will become an annual music festival in Edison, NJ.

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