Heavy Metal All the Way From Jolly Ol’ England: A Conversation with Metal Blade’s Malefice

Heavy Metal All the Way From Jolly Ol’ England: A Conversation with Metal Blade’s Malefice

They may list Metallica and Pantera as their biggest influences, but the band is forging their own trail, and while they acknowledge those two bands as what started it all for them, these boys from Reading, Berkshire in the United Kingdom have a sound and persona all their own. As a matter of fact, Malefice have always done things themselves, a true DIY metal band.

That was, until one day Metal Blade Records came knocking at their door. Ok, well not literally, but knocking at their MySpace page via a message. Ironically all it took was for the revered indie heavy metal label to see was just one show, the bands set at the 2008 Download Festival, before they decided to snatch up the metal outfit. And thankfully they did, because after Malefice found a new home with Metal Blade; they unleashed their best collection of songs to date on the unsuspecting world, ten tracks of enough potent thrash metal to put a permanent crink in your neck, ‘Dawn of Reprisal.’ FYI, listen to the track ‘Hatred Justified’ immediately. You can thank me later.

Following the release of the well received album earlier this year I had a chance to connect with the boys from across the pond in order to find out just when the hell they are getting themselves Stateside, what the unique two part story is behind the massive album title and the entire story of how their journey led them to Metal Blade.

Get eXposed: First off, to someone who may not have heard you before, can you describe your music your own words?
Malefice: Brutal uncompromising metal, with a lot of thrash, epic breaks and grooves that will either make you punch the person next to you or snap your neck!

GE: Who are some of your musical influences?
MF: We’re influenced by metal as a whole. We don’t look to one band in particular for inspiration; otherwise you end up sounding like someone else. We grew up listening to bands like Metallica and Pantera etc., so they are the guys that are responsible for us even being here today. I’d say they’re the ones that have had the most influence on us as individuals and as a band!

GE: Tell me about how you recently got signed to Metal Blade? How did that all go down?
MF: They got in touch with us through MySpace. Of course being Metal Blade we were really excited so we put them in touch with our management straight away and it all started from there. Just after we started talking we were confirmed to play Download Festival at Donington, anyone that knows of this festival knows it’s a really big deal. Because of the vast number of Metal Blade acts on the bill, the top guys at the label were going to be there so they came to see what we could do live. We absolutely destroyed that day, and had one of the biggest circle pits of the whole weekend, Metal Blade loved what they saw, and I suppose the rest is history!

GE: Tell me about the recording process of ‘Dawn of Reprisal.’
MF: We stuck with the same producers, Dan Weller and Justin Hill because they did such a great job on our previous album ‘Entities.’ We hired out a studio in London and barricaded ourselves in there for two months and worked our asses off. It was really inspiring working on an album that we knew would get world wide exposure. It gave us another gear and we all pushed each other that little bit harder to get the results we all knew we could! We went in the studio much more prepared this time. We had worked hard with our producers on the pre-production beforehand so everyone involved in the project knew where the album needed to be taken from day one. Together we created a monster!

GE: Is there a story behind the album title?
MF: ‘Dawn of Reprisal’ relates to two things. The first thing is where we see ourselves as a band. We’ve always been the underdogs, never taken any handouts, and always done things the right way, even though a lot of people have trodden us down. So this is our time to fight back, this is our time for revenge.

The second meaning ties up with all the artwork. We’re growing increasingly concerned about what is happening to our world, and it’s only a matter of time before Mother Nature bites back. We wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention with a massive visual statement, and as we’re English we decided to use a London backdrop as our canvas.

GE: How is this record different from those you have released in the past?
MF: It’s more mature. We’ve grown up a lot as people and musicians since the last release. We’ve been out on the road and toured with some of the biggest names in metal. Because of this we’ve learnt a lot of lessons from the best. We’ve written a lot more with our live show in mind this time around. You’re only as good as you’re live, so we’ve really started to concentrate on that introducing a lot more dynamics into our music and a sound that will devastate audiences all over the globe.

GE: How has the reaction to the record been thus far?
MF: The reaction has been amazing man. Especially from the U.K and the U.S!

GE: What’s next for Malefice?
MF: Touring our asses off, and making sure everyone who’s anyone knows who we are!

GE: When can we see the band in the States? Anytime soon?
MF: The sooner the better! We’ve been smashing all of our personal goals in our career and that’s one we still have to do. But it’ll happen for sure, we have just got to get our heads down and work hard in Europe then we’ll be jumping the pond and showing you guys just how us Brits really do it!

To find out more about the band, head over to www.myspace.com/malefice.