Reviewed! Endless Hallway - 'Autonomy Games'

Endless Hallway
‘Autonomy Games’
Wind-Up Records

As you delve deeper into ‘Autonomy Games,’ the debut effort from Endless Hallway, you will realize that it is rather hard to categorize their somewhat complicated sound. You could say it is something of progressive adult pop rock, but rest assured, pigeonholing these guys is a tall task.

Now, don’t get go getting the wrong idea here. It’s easy to think of bands like Matchbox 20 when the phrase ‘adult pop rock’ is used, but perhaps ‘mature’ might work better in this case. ‘Autonomy Games’ is rife with enough indie rock and new wave influences to have thinking of bands like People in Planes and Company of Thieves rather than anything your parents might be into. The progressive element is what sells this disc, something that goes a long way in helping to hone the bands unique sound.

With ‘Autonomy Games,’ Endless Hallway are like chameleons. They can create an abundance of atmospherics without electronic help (‘Autonomy Barrier’), sound like present day My Chemical Romance with serious, over-the-top melodies (‘Cell,’ ‘Games’), and a band who might list the Lostprophets as one of their influences (‘Grey Flats’).

Endless Hallway encapsulate a lot of different sounds on their debut effort, which doesn’t allow the lines to blur so to speak. Each song on ‘Autonomy Games’ is its own entity, with its own story to tell which is something that is becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays.