News! David Lee Roth on iTunes

Wawazat!! Records and Red Stripe Plane Music are pleased to announce the long-anticipated release of DLR BAND to iTunes. The album is the creation of legendary Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth and features the song “Slam Dunk,” which was a Top 5 rock single. The album was co-written by guitarist John 5 (ex-Marilyn Manson/current Rob Zombie).

From “Diamond David Lee Roth is back in all his self-congratulatory glory…Roth's voice still oozes with sleaze, and his charisma is palpable…Guitarist John [5] is a studio whiz, capable of approximating Eddie Van Halen's harmonic squeals and lightning-fast leads…the DLR Band sound like prime-era Led Zeppelin, with Roth as frontman. This is certainly a fun listen.”

One reviewer commented: “this was the record David should have released after “Eat Em And Smile!”

DLR BAND (Wawazat!!Records/Red Stripe Plane Music) is available NOW on iTunes and in stores.