Reviewed! The Vox Jaguars - 'Self Titled'

The Vox Jaguars
Self Titled EP
Anodyne Records

You wouldn’t know it from the music, but half of the Vox Jaguars are actually still in high school. That pent-up youthful angst and pre-pubescence might lead you to believe that their debut self titled EP would be something of a trendy scene castoff, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, their debut EP might be a mere four tracks in length, but it is precise, and straight to the point.

The Vox Jaguars aren’t cutting corners here. Right from the get-go of the opener, ‘Swagger,’ it is evident that these boys are wise beyond their years. Their 60’s era garage influenced edgy new wave is something you probably haven’t heard in sometime, a sound more bands need to get back to. It almost sounds too mature for this band to write, but somehow they pulled it off.

It was also smart of the band to burst onto the scene with four tightly compacted tracks bustling with talent, rather than some sort of ten-plus track LP that could’ve been lost in the wash. The vocals are nasally and the production level is almost as raw as it gets, but it’s those two things that add a certain something to the EP.

If you needed any proof that the Vox Jaguars are on the scene and in for the long haul, then look no further than this blistering debut. Welcome to the scene kids, what a great way to introduce yourselves.