Reviewed! Madina Lake - 'Attics to Eden'

Madina Lake
‘Attics to Eden’
Roadrunner Records

For those that don’t know, Madina Lake themselves are a concept. Apparently the band sets their music in a 1950’s fictional town that has been ravaged with the disappearance of its most famous socialite, named Adalia. The mystery behind the town the band borrows their name from and Adalia, started with 2007’s ‘From Them, Through Us, To You,’ and continues with the second installment, ‘Attics to Eden.’

The artwork for ‘Attics to Eden’ shows Adalia’s journey to Eden, complete with a fold out map of Mdina Lake itself.

The bands sophomore work is a bit of a sonic departure from what they have done in the past. ‘Attics to Eden’ finds Madina Lake embracing the scene more often than not as most of the record comes off sounding heavily influenced by surrounding factors. While it has the bands thematic rock sound as the albums central theme, a lot of the album looks, and sounds, completely different. ‘Attics to Eden’ has the band branching out it seems, in both musical direction and overall sound.

The hooks on ‘Attics to Eden’ are still trademark Madina Lake, or in other words, massive. Even though they might have tweaked their sound a tad, this Chicago born and bred quartet have not lost their flair for the dramatic. Their music is still coated in as thick layer of arena-rock sheen, and it is still oh-so radio ready. Although they may have spread themselves out a little more musically, they still know how to pen some quality mainstream modern rock music. Some of ‘Attics to Eden’ is pretty cut and dry, prototypical rock and roll (‘Let’s Get Outta Here,’ ‘Never Walk Alone’), some of it is awkward, out-of-place vapid sounding party rock (‘Legends,’ ‘Criminals’) and even a pop rock ballad for those looking for one (‘Through the Pain’). ‘Attics’ even features some standout tracks to take away, those being the opener, ‘Never Take Us Alive,’ and the final two tracks of the effort, ‘Friends and Lovers’ and ‘Lila, the Divine Game.’

The band come off a bit different than you are used to hearing, but with ‘Attics to Eden’ at least we are one step closer to finding out just what in the hell is actually going on in Madina Lake, and just where Adalia got off to.

Grade: C
Listen to: ‘Never Take Us Alive,’ ‘Friends and Lovers’