Reviewed! KMFDM - 'Blitz'

Metropolis Records

‘Reality is bullshit,’ exclaims KMFDM throughout the opening stages of ‘People of the Lie.’ And after 16 studio albums, KMFDM and main man Sascha Konietzko, still feel the same way. KMFDM still plays by their own rules, living far off in their own alternate reality. KMFDM has, and seemingly always will, make the music they want to make, not what anyone tells them to. ‘Blitz’ is the latest is a long line of unapologetic, uncompromised work from the German outfit, one that is interesting in its own right, but damn sure hard to explain.

Throughout the majority of their long and adventurous career, KMFDM have been pigeonholed as simply an industrial band, a simplistic label that doesn’t exactly do them justice. On ‘Blitz’ alone there are elements of electronica, dance and pop, all lending themselves to the albums overall dynamic. The female voice you hear is Lucia Cifarelli, which adds a sultry, sexy element to album.

‘Blitz’ sees a return for the band to using five letter word album titles, something the band had done from 1989’s ‘UAIOE’ to 2003’s ‘WWIII.’ The pattern was broken in 2005 with ‘Hau Rock.’

‘Blitz’ is a frenzied whirlwind of sound that is a bit unpredictable at times, and welcoming at others. Songs like’ Bait and Switch,’ ‘Strut’ and ‘Bitches’ make the album memorable, while showcasing Konietzko’s unwillingness to change. Yes, he and KMFDM are talented, but it is also his stubbornness that allows his to keep making records.