Reviewed! IAMX - 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction'

‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’
Metropolis Records

Former Sneaker Pimps brainchild Chris Cormier is back, this time with IAMX’s third studio album to date, ‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction.’ This record should send goth kids and wannabe vampires alike into a tizzy, dancing three seconds then taking a drag off of their cigarette, or whatever it is that goth kids do. I AMX evokes an eerie 19080’s new wave essence reminiscent of early Depeche Mode and even Siouxsie and the Banshees.

‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’ is made up of a lot of ethereal thumpings (‘My Secret Friend,’ ‘An I for An I’), but the record still offers quality pop work (‘Nature of Inviting,’ ‘Running’). Some songs play slow (‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’) but it doesn’t cause the record the drag in the long run. ‘Kingdom’ is haunting, but not so much to make the album sound distant.

This is pure emotional music; the vocals are chilling and aching, yet commanding, which just adds to the bands wonderfully dark aesthetic of subtle piano strokes, cavernous drumming and a guitar led ambiance that penetrates deep. IAMX’s music is rich and contextually layered; it sounds as if there is a lot going on here but in all reality there isn’t.

‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’ is a surprising record that will go far in pleasing fans of a various genres. This record will stick with you to the end, and is also an effort that find itself on many critics End of Year lists.