Reviewed! Emarosa - 'Relativity'

Rise Records

Sleek production, angular guitar riffing, hot and cold vocals and towering drumming, and what’s that, all this from a band you’ve probably never heard of? Well ladies and gentleman, that’s Emarosa, and all of that is from the first song ‘The Past Should Stay Dead.’

Emarosa’s ‘Relativity’ truly is an exceptional record. It is a rare hybrid of hooky powerpop sensibilities, and rich, textural post-hardcore brilliance. ‘Relativity’ is intense layers, contextually laid atop a bed of lush, vibrant music. Think somewhere along the lines of the pure thickness of Circa Survive and the sheer intellect of Thrice. Their music is impassioned and very real, which adds to just how powerful the record is in the end.

Let’s face it; Emarosa was good when they were named Corsets Are Cages. Their sound has evolved, and the progressive side to their music shines on ‘Relativity.’ Their music is as innovative as it is refreshing. This record has to be one of the freshest albums that the music world has seen in sometime.

The only problem is it more than likely will go widely overlooked in mainstream venues. That’s an ongoing issue with the music scene right now as most brilliance gets overlooked but that’s another story for another day.

‘Relativity’ is epic, reaching post-hardcore radiance at its best. There is certain sheen to Emarosa’s music that is undeniable. It is quickly become one of your favorite records for sure, all you have to do is give it a chance to shine.