News! Four Year Strong Announce New Album of 90's Covers

Following the success of their 2007 debut, Rise or Die Trying, I Surrender/Decaydance Records signees FOUR YEAR STRONG have announced the release of Explains It All, a tribute to their favorite songs of the 90s. To bring the project to life, FOUR YEAR STRONG entered the studio with producer Machine (Lamb of God, Cobra Starship, Every Time I Die), along with cameos from Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) and JR Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake). With Explains It All, the Worcester, MA quintet shine some insight on the songs that shaped their childhoods and inspired their career. Personal statement from the band attached:

Here is the scoop. Some of you may have figured it out from the mysterious appearance of all those music videos. Or maybe it was the not-so-fake April fool’s joke that tipped you off. Either way, we want to get everyone up to speed. Whether you guessed it or not we're releasing a new album!

We’ve always loved the 90’s. Pogs, “The Sandlot”, bowl cuts, “The Mighty Ducks”, JNCO jeans, “Full House”, Goosebumps books, Airwalks, “Home Alone”, the list goes on forever.

Most importantly, there was the music.

It’s what we grew up listening to. Everyone has those songs that instantly transport you back to when you were younger. Whether we were in our bedrooms playing air guitar, or riding in the car to little league practice, or it was just that song that was all over the radio during that awesome summer at the Cape. These songs have impacted us in some way and we want to share that feeling with you.

And so, we are proud to present Four Year Strong Explains It All. We've recorded some of our favorite songs from the 90s and this is our opportunity to show you guys some of the influences that helped make Four Year Strong what it is.

To make this album happen, we went into the studio with our good friend Machine. Along the way, we told some friends and they were stoked to hop on board. To help us with these awesome songs, we have guest appearances by Keith from Every Time I Die, Travis from Gym Class Heroes, and JR and Buddy from Less Than Jake.

We're not going to spill the beans on the track listing just yet, but we’re sure that you guys can definitely make some close guesses. We're doing this because we love it. Plain and simple. With that said, we hope you all enjoy the record as much as we enjoyed making it.

Keep it real, guys.
Dan, Alan, Jake, Joe and Josh