News! Andy Gould Signs Death on Two Wheels

Atlanta-based rock band DEATH ON TWO WHEELS--featuring Trae Vedder – lead vocals, guitar, Andrew Knox – organ, piano, Paul Doss – lead guitar, David Fountain – bass, Greg Neel – drums -- Have been scouted and signed by the celebrated music industry veteran Andy Gould, best known for working with Pantera, Rob Zombie, Guns N’ Roses, and Morrissey.

Death on Two Wheels first caught Gould’s attention, while they were lighting up the south with a series of breakout shows. Blown away by the band’s un-ignorable live performance, he immediately signed them. “We are so excited to be representing DEATH ON TWO WHEELS,” states Gould. “It's exciting to once again be working with a rockin’, hard working indie band that is ready for their moment in the spotlight— Reminds me of the days when you’d sign crowd-winning, budding superstars out of tiny clubs, instead of out of rehearsal studios and off TV talent shows.”

The band has opened for a number of notable acts including Janelle Monae, Butch Walker, Norma Jean and Manchester Orchestra. They took SXSW by storm this year, playing 4 showcases and getting noticed by mainstream media. The band is now busy gearing up for the release of SEPARATION OF CHURCH & FATE – produced and mixed by Matt Malpass (Manchester Orchestra, Reliant K) and John Travis (Kid Rock, Social Distortion).

DEATH ON TWO WHEELS is a diverse rock group blasting through the membrane of trendiness on the way to something truly audacious and authentic. The songs alone have quickly driven this band to ‘next big thing out ofAtlanta’ status. Given the talent, ambition and resourcefulness of DEATH ON TWO WHEELS you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

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