A Conversation: Paying a Little Bit of ‘Homage to Martyrs:’ A Conversation with Alex of Razor of Occam

Paying a Little Bit of ‘Homage to Martyrs:’ A Conversation with Alex of Razor of Occam

London’s Razor of Occam have really blazed their own trail thus far in their careers, releasing three records, playing alongside such bands as Primordial and Dismember, and eventually earning a spot on renowned label Metal Blade Records. They are a band that wants the masses to see their world for what it really is, cold and unapologetic. There is no doubt about it, ROO really do dance to the beat of their own drum.

Hell, when describing their latest effort, ‘Homage to Martyrs,’ the band professes that it is a tribute to the great men of science who died in the pursuit of knowledge, from the early astronomers who were burned at the stake for daring to displace man from the center of the universe to the modern theoreticians driven to insanity and suicide by their paradoxical discoveries and the cold denial of their peers, claims Razor of Occam. And honestly, when you’re describing one of your records, could you really say it any better?

They have yet to make it over to out neck of the woods here in the States, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we see them on this side of the pond. For the time being I had the chance to catch up with Alex, ROO’s bassist in order to find out what went into the recording of the new record, why he thinks it is different from their prior releases and I also got in a little nudge to hopefully get the boys stateside something soon.

Get eXposed: Tell me about the recording process of ‘Homage to Martyrs.’ Why was there such a long wait between releases?
Alex: It was a smooth two week recording process at the infamous Necromorbus Studios in Sweden with Tore Stjerna on the mixing desk. The album took a bit longer than it would have taken us because of the move from Australia to Europe and finding a solid line up that would be able to perform those frenetic riffs Razor is best known off. Now that the foundations have been laid and a solid label on our back there is no stopping us!

GE: Tell me how ‘Homage to Martyrs’ is different from your past releases. How do you think your fans will respond to the record?
Alex: In my ears it sounds like a mix of both early EP’s. It features an equal dose of nasty black/thrash from the ‘Diabolgue’ EP and grand thrash build ups that can be found in several moments of the ‘Pillars of Creation’ record. So far most of the reviews and feedback have been really positive and we think that no fan of Razor or even Destroyer 666 in that case will be disappointed by this album!

GE: Tell me about how you got signed to Metal Blade. What was that like? How did you know the label was the right fit for you? Did you have any other labels in mind?
Alex: We were pleasantly surprised when we got the Metal Blade offer. It was one of the few decent offers we have received and the label genuinely liked the material. Metal Blade was the last straw and it worked out just fine. Prior to them we had a couple of interesting offers but Metal Blade had what we were looking for from the beginning.

GE: What can we expect from you the rest of the year? Can we expect you in the states anytime soon?
Alex: We will keep our eyes open for a mini European tour at some stage. The States will definitely be on our "things to do list." I heard Destroyer 666 was there a few years ago and had a blast of a time so keep an eye on the Razor!

You too should keep your eyes on the Razor, and do so over at www.myspace.com/razorofoccam.