A Conversation: A California Size Taste of the Underground: A Conversation with Buddy Darling of the Darlings

A California Size Taste of the Underground: A Conversation with Buddy Darling of the Darlings

Chances are that California beach bum punk band the Darlings are one of the better bands you have never heard of. Their infectious blend of up-tempo, energy-riddled anthems full of flat out feel good vibes make the band, well, just that, infectious. They have only been around for a few short years, but they have the chops of a far more mature band. Regardless, the Darlings do what they do well.

They have already had the honor of sharing the stage with bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Street Dogs and even the almighty Social Distortion. And to think, they don’t even have a proper full length release yet. That will hopefully be out sometime this year according to the band. They do have a seven song EP currently available for your consumption, an EP that is surely worth checking out.

In between trips to the studio and playing shows here and there, band namesake, guitarist/vocalist Buddy Darling chatted with me about everything from hoe the band puts their music together and where we can expect to see the West Coast quartet the rest of the year.

Get eXposed: Tell me about the beginnings of the band. How did you guys get together?
Buddy Darling: We actually all knew each other before we started The Darlings through mutual friends and jamming in our own separate projects at the time. I guess the timing was right for all of us when we formed in 2005. It’s kind of funny how it all came together because we would have never guessed we'd all be jamming in the same band together. It’s a trip!

GE: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Darling: Guess you could describe it as SoCal poppy punk with an attitude. I'd say Social D, Rise Against, and Face to Face type influences definitely are evident in our sound, but there is also a pinch of 50's rock & roll in there too.

GE: Tell me about your upcoming full length. Any idea when it will be out? Do you have any other information for us on it?
Darling: We’re pushing for it to be out by this summer and to already start working on songs for the second album by the end of 2009. We are really stoked to get the full length out to our fans though. We've been pushing our EP for a while now and people are hungry for some new, fresh tracks.

GE: What inspires you to write your music, lyrically?
Darling: Our lyrics stem from pretty much just everyday life experiences and what’s going on in the world. I'd say anything from our own lives to things going on in today’s society.

GE: Tell me about your songwriting approach. How does your music come together?
Darling: It depends. Sometimes we’ll bring lyrics to the table and kind of work them out around. Other times someone will come up with a cool riff or chord progression and come up with a strong topic that we can branch off from to make a song. I guess you could say there’s no absolute formula it just kind of comes together.

GE: What can we expect from the band the rest of the year?
Darling: Well, we are very excited for our new full length to come out this summer and are planning on a lot of touring to promote it! Also, the momentum has been very forward and positive this year so far and I think you can expect to see us on the rise in the near future. We want to say thanks to anyone taking the time to check us out! See you all soon!

For more information on these guys, check out www.myspace.com/thedarlings.