News: Via Tania

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"Likened to Björk and Feist, the only parallel one can reasonably draw is that, like her contemporaries, this singer-songwriter has come along when a breath of fresh air is much needed." Venus Zine

“Sings with an extraordinarily breezy, half-lidded and dreamy timbre… Via Tania will be a major contender.” - Pitchfork"It's rare to find progressive music this engaging." Lucky Magazine“like a mirage seen through the heat rising off hot tarmac on an empty highway… her range is extraordinary.” Anthem Magazine

Born in Australia to South African parents, Tania Bowers childhood was full with diversity and dreams, often craving the unknown and inspired to pursue a musical gypsy lifestyle. As soon as she was able, Tania set on a path full of happenstance and wonder, which up until now has led this uniquely talented and equally endearing young singer songwriter to Chicago and ready to release the enchanting and haunting Moon Sweet Moon.

Having relocated to Chicago she immediately set about piecing together an album under the guise of Via Tania, with producer Casey Rice and various other Chicago musical luminaries, she shifted her focus to production, electronics and sound, offering her songs to act as powerful vessels for such experiments.A little over four years since the release of her debut album Under A Different Sky, Tania is about to release a powerful and haunting sophomore titled "Moon Sweet Moon", signifying a change in direction, dictated from the very seeds of songs and signifying a maturity and equal endless need to explore the unknown.