News: Renouned Stencil Artist Logan Hicks

Renowned stencil artist Logan Hicks, who has been busy stenciling his way around the world for the past 10 years, will be teaming up with the two-man painting team known as Broken Crow for the Broken Horse exhibit running May 1 – 3 at the former Hamilton Savings and Loan Bank in Brooklyn, NY (498 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231).

Known for his meticulous, multi-layered stencils, Hicks’ work captures the sensory overload with which a city can inundate a person. His art captures the sprawling urban inhabitants and juxtaposes them against the stark, grey environment they dwell in.

Also known as Workhorse, Logan Hicks has a work ethic second-to-none. “My tip is to stay awake 24 hours a day and work like a crackhead. That's what I do, and it has seemed to do the trick,” Hicks told Behance Magazine last year.

Hicks’ art has been shown in nearly 30 countries in cities as far away as Cape Town, South Africa and Shanghai, China. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Hicks currently calls New York City home. Citing NYC as the 'city of all cities,' he can often be found wandering the subway system at 4AM taking pictures for his artwork or simply observing the army of people coursing through the tunnels like blood through a body's veins and arteries.

A leader in an incredible art movement that features artists such as Shepard Fairey, Blek Le Rat, and Banksy, Hicks had his first solo show last July at the prestigious Black Rat Press Gallery in London where he sold more than 115 paintings to collectors on opening night. Hicks was also one of the main painters featured when graffiti artist Banksy turned a half-mile of disused road tunnel in South London and created Cans Festival, a collection of works by the world’s most esteemed street/stencil artists. According to the reclusive organizer, the exhibit was to "transform a dark forgotten filth pit" into "an oasis of beautiful art.” Over 120,000 fans showed up on the first day alone to view the show.

Logan Hicks’ art has been featured in a series of cutting-edge Nike commercials staring Le Bron
James. The artist also had his own apparel line in partnership with Japanese company Medicom, in addition to having his own Logan Hicks signature K-Swiss sneaker backed by a massive MTV ad campaign in Asia.2009 will be a breakthrough year for Logan Hicks who will have his first-ever solo show in America to be held in Los Angeles this October.

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