News: The Legends

The Highly Anticipated New Full-Length From The Legends “Over and Over” Is Set For US Release On June 16th Through Labrador/Caroline Records

The man behind Stockholm-based The Legends, Johan Angergård, (Club 8, Pallers, Acid House Kings) has been known to take his audience for quite a ride. With jarring shifts in musical direction since 2003, The Legends are notorious for being resilient to change, unwilling to compromise their sound while relentlessly confusing and annoying his audience along the way.

The Legends’ forthcoming album "Over and Over,” recorded in a decrepit basement in South-Central Stockholm, marks yet a new creative turn for the band, mixing hypnotic washes of distorted synths with sweet, bouncy melodies that echo off walls of feedback and loud, shimmering guitars. Pulling influences from his own angst-driven life, the album mirrors Johan’s own personal changes and growth during the time in which it was written, starting dark and stormy and finishing with a brighter end. Combining a modern mix of white noise and vibrant melodies, “Over and Over” pulls influences ranging from the Beach Boys to 60’s girl-pop, with indie, ambient and krautrock sounds that resonate throughout the record.

The album’s first single "Seconds Away,” released this past November, was described as 'The noisiest pop single to ever come out of Sweden' and has already generated considerable buzz worldwide, staying at No.1 on for nearly three weeks!


In the spring of 2008 I had a desperate urge to distract me from myself. I needed noise. The first song I wrote for the album was a blast of distortion and feedback about the wonders of tryptizol,” says Johan Angergård, about track “Seconds Away.” Triggered by a series of panic attacks, the track threads together how each track on the album serves as a sense of noise therapy for Johan, that alleviates him from his own angst: “It’s like someone drilling a hole in your head. In a pleasant way that is.”

While the recording process of “Over and Over” starts in a dark, black hole of noisy, angst-driven pop it gradually lets in more light, letting the last song written bear obvious signs of hope. The result is a multifaceted album well kept together by a love for mixing noise and experimental sounds with vibrant pop melodies – this is undoubtedly the strongest and most innovative Legends album to date. Take the forthcoming single “Always the Same,” where you’ll hear unexpected flourishes of white noise seamlessly driven into a pure Phil Spector, with a fuzzed-out style paired with captivating, sugar-pop vocals courtesy of Liane Moccia (of the now defunct Brooklyn band Tralala).

Besides help from the obvious components like broken amplifiers, a multitude of guitar pedals, vintage synthesizers, and organs, The Legends has also teamed up with a number of other favorite musicians: Henrik of the dark electro duo Pallers adds warped keyboards to “Monday to Saturday,” while Philip trades his vocal duties in The Mary Onettes for drums on “You Won” with band-mate Karolina (Club 8) contributing her airy vocals to a number of tracks throughout “Over and Over.”

Changing sound from album to album is bound to be commercial suicide, but The Legends couldn’t care less. Strangely enough, that has paid off. Even though albums have ranged and changed from a mix of Motown, C-86, and synthpop to today’s noise pop and expansive production, the reason might not be so far off. There is indeed a common thread which links The Legends music from one album to the next- “I only follow my heart, my taste in music and write about what’s on my mind. For good or bad, my view on life and my taste in music hasn’t really changed over the years. I listened to Depeche Mode and was obsessed by death when I was 8 years old. I listened to The Smiths and was obsessed by death when I was 13. And neither has changed that much until this day.”

Where their debut “Up Against The Legends” left us, “Over and Over” quickly takes the lead and surpasses what one can hope for in an album – “It grows on you like ivy. With each subsequent listen, the album reveals more and more of itself through small, unexpected flourishes of sound that gradually accrue more than enough personality to fill the band-shaped hole” (Pitchfork). Fans of My Bloody Valentine, M83, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Stereolab and The Jesus and Mary Chain – look no further! Geared up with a full arsenal of sounds, The Legends’ “Over and Over” translates vintage styles into an entirely new context that you will undoubtedly want listen to, well, over and over.


Keep a look out for Johan Angergård as he visits the US this spring. Joined by Jonas Färm (Starlet) on guitar, Martin Nordvall, (singer of The Sweet Serenades) in bass, Jonathan Hummelman, (drummer of The High Heeled Honeys) on drums, and Karolina Komstedt (vocalist of Club 8) on background vocals and percussion. One show that must not to be missed!

"The noise is almost overbearing, but like a Tarantino movie, it compels you to handle it for the sake of its accompanied beauty." POPDRIVEL“"There might not be any other way to describe the manipulated feedback involved in this track, other than something of a semi-functioning hairdryer accompanied by a coin-operated car wash vacuum cleaner, but if you can think of something fun we would be more than interested to hear it. This is beautiful noise that leaves us rather smitten." MILKMILK LEMONADE"Hot damn! After a couple quick listens, I can safely say that Johana.k.a. The Legends achieved what Stephen Merritt tried and failed to do with the last Magnetic Fields record" THE SOUND OF INDIE"It has the edge of indie rock's noisy aspect, but a unique way of still being catchy and mellow."

- SEY SOMETHING " comes as no surprise that the tracks are catchy as hell and the production is amazing. While one might expect sugary sweetness, the new single adds a bit of dementia." SPACEFOOD“"If My Bloody Valentine swallowed Peter, Bjorn and John, it might sound something like this.”

- QUIET COLOR “"Oh wait, this must be the wrong file, let me look for a new one....This song is painful in every single way and is an embarrassment to the rest of this top 5. I apologize." POPSENSE