News: Flipper Set To Release New Studio And Live Albums

The Band That Wouldn’t Die Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary, Preps Their First Studio Album in Over 16 Years

Flipper, the seminal punk and original grunge band from San Francisco, simply refuses to die. Despite death, debilitating injury, and departures of former members, the band plays on.

The most recent set back was the departure of Krist Novoselic, who joined the band in December of 2006 for a tour of the UK. At that time, he replaced Bruno DeSmartass who left the band a few months earlier. Novoselic spent about two years with Flipper, playing shows and recording an album of new material as well as a live album. He ultimately gave notice, after deciding the tour grind was no longer in the cards for him.

So once again, Flipper had to take a step back and regroup. This time around the band enlisted Rachel Thoele, formerly of Frightwig, Mudwomen and Van Gough’s Daughter. Along with the three original members, Bruce Loose, Steve Depace, and Ted Falconi, the band is once again road ready.

The two new albums are being released on May 19th. Jack Endino co-produced both albums. The studio offering is entitled Love and the live album is called Fight.

On Mar 17, 2009, at 9:04 AM, Steve DePace wrote:
“Krist, I got a call from Jack last night and he approves of the final result after mastering. Said it sounds great! You like?”

On Mar 17, 2009, at 9:13 AM, Krist Novoselic wrote:
“I don't like it - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It sounds awesome!!!!”

LOVE album info, hi res cover art, sales sheet:

FIGHT album info, hi res cover art, sales sheet:

Flipper’s back catalog is also being made available for the first time in many years, as the band celebrates its 30 year anniversary.

Tours of Australia, Europe and the US are planned for this year.