News: The Color Fred's Virtual Tour

THE COLOR FRED Hits the "Virtual" Road Playing Five "Locations" All Accessible on Your Computer! Releasing The Intervention EP on 4/18 (Record Store Day).

Unlike most tours whose tickets include service charges, handling fees, and parking costs, the upcoming "Virtual Tour" for THE COLOR FRED will be accessible through the internet with no fees whatsoever! In support of the upcoming THE INTERVENTION EP which hits stores on April 18th, this "virtual tour" consists of five exclusive and very intimate acoustic performances by singer/songwriter Fred Mascherino that are spread out on five different websites and portals., MySpace, AOL, Peta2 and Shockhound will debut one video each on Monday, April 12th. To see the whole tour, fans will need to visit each of the five sites and view the videos.

Set for release on "National Record Store Day" (Saturday, April 18th), this EP was recorded specifically for this year's event. "I want to remind everyone out there that independent record stores still exist," Fred explains. "[The Intervention EP] won't be available at Best Buy, Target, or any of the major retailers. It'll only be available at indie retail stores. It's my way of supporting indie stores since they've always supported me." (a list of stores is available on the band's MySpace page). The Color Fred will be celebrating the release with an in-store at Vintage Vinyl (51 Lafayette Rd., Fords, NJ 08863) at 1:00pm on April 18th.

Currently wrapping up an acoustic tour with Chiodos' Craig Owens, Fred is no stranger to the acoustic environment. "I've always felt that acoustic connects better with people," he says. "I've done acoustic tours in the past and this one with Craig really struck a chord with me. So I wanted to bring the intimate acoustic environment to my fans through this virtual tour." Each of the videos captures the essence of why Fred has always been known to connect with his fans directly. Known previously for his work as lead guitarist and co-vocalist/songwriter for Taking Back Sunday (and Breaking Pangaea before that), Fred's natural likeability and unassuming charisma extends exponentially through these live performances. "David Larkins [filmmaker] and I filmed these performances in different locations in and around Washington, DC," he adds (the locations include a rooftop, various apartments, and even the "Mall" in front of the White House).

The "tour" begins at the band's MySpace page at The corresponding blog on the page will offer a "road map" with links to the different "stops" on the tour.

The participating sites and videos will be:

Myspace: "Intervention" ( "Complaintor" (
Shockhound: "Terrible Things" (
PETA2: "Dark Clouds" (
AOL's "Spinner": "If I Surrender" (

NOTE: Direct links will be available at The Color Fred's MySpace page on April 13th.

The Color Fred released the highly melodic debut Bend to Break in 2007 on Equal Vision. His new release The Intervention EP unplugs the instruments and lets his masterful songwriting skills breathe and what is created is nothing less than amazing.