Have You Heard? Celebrity, She Was

Have You Heard? Celebrity, She Was

Celebrity, She Was is a blatantly honest band. They believe in what they are doing with all of their hearts and want to share that sentiment with the world. They want their fans and listeners to share in the musical experience, not matter what.

“Our music is straight from the heart, true of our emotions and very aggressive,” the band says. “We're always going to be making the best music possible that stays true to our hearts.”

CSW has some pretty oft-kilt roots for a hardcore band. “Four of our members were in an alternative band that our current vocalist roadied for. We began this project in June of 2008 with Austin (the former roadie) as our screamer.”

They are one of those bands who aren’t afraid to tell you how they are feeling, and that comes through in their music, especially the lyrics.

“After looking over our lyrics, everyone feels that they relate the mood and emotion of the song best. Then it's just picking the best ideas and more brainstorming and organization. “Our music is inspired lyrically in the world around us, the problems we see in our life and time.”

Their music sneaks up on you, at least their only available track on MySpace, the hot and cold, thoroughly metal ‘They Burned the Forest Down,’ does. The track starts off sounding something close to Coheed and Cambria-esque ambient prog, then finishes more like something you’d hear coming from Lamb of God or Unearth. CSW’s overall sonic aesthetic is created mostly by how the heady drum work is able to cut through piercing, unyielding guitar work, thusly setting the table for the lead throated, guttural, then clean vocals. The vocal versatility makes for some decent hooks along the way.

These guys definitely have some skill, which is evident by listening to one track. You’d like to see them get some more material online for aural consumption, and hopefully the southern boys will do so soon.

You can expect to see more of the guys out and about later this year as they are recording an EP, as well as playing some festival dates that include 2009 Cornerstone Festival.