Dear Diary (of a Serial Killer): A Message From IAMX's Chris Corner

A Personal Statement from IAMX's CHRIS CORNER About Music Piracy, The Fate of Artists, and of IAMX

The fate of artists, albums, and the music scene in general is currently in flux with news we've all heard before and statistics that keep trending downward. While the lament of the artists is an oft-heard collective sigh, it's rare that an artist takes the podium with eloquence and without vitriol. That artist is Chris Corner of Berlin-based band IAMX. The highly personal and intimate new album, Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, is due in-stores on May 19, 2009 on Metropolis Records, but has unfortunately leaked onto the internet.

I want to say so much but I will keep it short.

There are times when I am confused by the motives of people.

I want to remind anyone that listens to the music of IAMX that it is a fiercely independent project. That means we, as a close group of artists and friends, struggle and work intensely to get it out into the world. We produce it, promote it, nurture it and now sell it ourselves. It is our baby. We are not bound to a major corporation and have no major funding. We are not interested in fame and we are proud of what we do.

I believe that shows in the conscience and sincerity of the appreciators of this music. I believe our fans are special.

But people must be warned of the depreciating value of art.

Music is irresponsibly and disrespectfully uploaded.

The emotional concern, technical craft, intense care and spirit that is put into it is crushed without consideration.

I am not only worried about being able to continue making IAMX music but worried about the slow destruction of the soul of the audience. Our hearts need more than just unearned instant gratification. Reward comes through longing, waiting, supporting and deserving.

In attempting to promote the new IAMX album we begrudgingly sent a link to 'important' journalists… a link where they could listen to the full album and we could discuss it in interviews.

This trust was abused and the album was put online.

There is no more anticipation. The game is over.

Therefore I am calling on you, friends and lovers.

We need to take responsibility together to protect art and hold it as sacred. I don't just mean IAMX. I mean everything. At some point we need to kill our lethargy and believe in things.
Everything is so easy. We feel the world owes us everything now. That is insane and unhealthy.

We are spoiled, cynical children that need to grow up.

I hate money. I hate that we are money dependent. It is a disease of society and the controlling tool of the elite, but nevertheless it exists.

We need you to buy the record, not download it. We need you to buy merchandise and come to the shows. Gone are the days of huge record deals and endless support. We are traveling salesmen and gypsies.

If you feel that somehow you deserve to have the album without payment or conscience, then I am open to hear your reasons. I want your feedback and to begin a discourse.

Art helps us deal with being alive. It oils the brittle wheels and gives us a glimpse into a deeper purpose of our tiny existence.

If you care, then do everything in your power to help us continue making it.