Dear Diary (of a Serial Killer): The Best Band Name Ever

So, you think you have heard the greatest band name ever? Probably not, no. I have found the greatest band name of all time, and it is...Maris the Great and the Faggots of Death.

Yeah, you heard that right.

Maris the Great and the Faggots of Death. That shit is serious.

Apparently they are a group of homosexuals, who by their own words are 'heterosexually challenged.' They are fronted by Maris the Great, who is a gay zombie who kills other rocks bands so his band can be the best on earth.

Check it:

It's pretty graphic shit, but still, I only care about their band name. I havent listened to their music, and I'm sure it's disastrous and utterly painful. Still, effing awesome band name and if they had shirts, I'd so buy one.