A Conversation: With ‘Homesick,’ the Third Times a Charm: A Conversation with Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember

With ‘Homesick,’ the Third Times a Charm: A Conversation with Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember likes to have fun just like any other band. You know how it goes, a crazy, fun atmosphere live and pulling pranks on tourmates. This is a band that loves to cover songs, having previously covered Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ and the Fray’s ‘Over My Head (Cable Car).’ Well, the band can also write good music, and case in point, their latest record ‘Homesick.’

While is a toss-up as to whether or not the record is the bands best work to date, it surely is their most successful, at least numbers and sales-wise. ‘Homesick’ debuted at #21 on Rolling Stone’s Top 40 Albums list.

So, the question remains, is ‘Homesick’ the bands best effort to date? Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon thinks so. I had the chance to catch up with him during the bands’ latest tour, ‘the Sweet Brag Tour,’ with the Devil Wears Prada, Sky Eats Airplane and Emarosa to find out how the recording process of the new disc went, who ADTR’s favorite band to pull pranks on is and how the band sets out to cover pop songs.

Get eXposed: Tell me about the current tour. How has it been going so far?
Jeremy McKinnon: The tour has been amazing. Pretty sure every date so far has been sold out and it seems like most of them will be so we all are pretty excited about it.

GE: What is ADTR like while on tour?
McKinnon: Were actually pretty chill. We like to have a good time but when it comes to the way most bands go out and party and stuff, we actually take it easy. Were actually a chill band but we have a good time too. For the most part the craziest part of our tours is when we play shows.

GE: You don’t play practical jokes on other bands or anything like that?
McKinnon: Yeah, every now and then we do. We especially like to pull practical jokes on the Devil Wears Prada. We have done some other things to other bands but mainly Prada, so we will probably do some funny stuff on this tour to them.

GE: Tell me about the recording process of ‘Homesick.’
McKinnon: It was pretty much we wrote the entire thing on the road because we never really had any time off due to straight touring. We had a month set aside after Warped Tour because we started writing then. We had half of the record written then and we planned on heading home to finish writing it then straight into the studio to finish it and then we got an offer to be direct support on the New Found Glory tour. Where we were right then, that was a really big deal for us. That was something we couldn’t pass up, so we told them that the only way we could do it is if Chad Gilbert (NFG guitarist) were to produce our CD and that’s the way it went down.

GE: What inspired you to write this record?
McKinnon: Just being away from home really. I usually try to write about what’s going on with my life at that point in time when we are writing. We had been on tour for the last two years and that is exactly what every single one of us in the band were going through is the stuff we talk about on the CD. I just like to keep it honest and personal and I think more people can relate to it that way.

GE: The album debuted on Billboard at #21. Do you think it is your best record to date?
McKinnon: Oh for sure, 100 percent. I have never been like 100 percent stoked and excited for a CD we put out. This is the first CD that we put out and I can listen to every song because it’s recorded the exact way we wanted it. We had time to take to go back and change things if we didn’t like them. In the end it had a lot to do with the people we worked with. We had an amazing team. I definitely think it showed in the long run.

GE: Tell me about your song you have included on Punk Goes Pop 2.
McKinnon: They actually hit us up for it. They asked all of these bands to be on that CD and the way it goes is they send you a huge list of 50-80 songs that you can pick from. We just went down the list and checked them out and when I saw the Fray’s Over My Head (Cable Car), I was just blown away. Of all of the songs we were thinking about doing that song just struck me. That song has a lot to work with. I think the Fray really wrote a complete song with it and when you hear the beginning of that song, you know what is going to happen because it is all super catchy. It was a no brainer.

GE: You covered a Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ previously. Why the decision to cover another track, especially the Fray?
McKinnon: Yeah, it was just a really catchy song all the way around. With that song, it was more like a joke, we did it randomly. It had been a while since we had done anything new and we didn’t want people to lose interest so we thought of doing something completely off the wall like a cover. We did that as a joke and people love it and now we have been playing it for a year strong. Sometimes we try to get rid of it but so many people request us to play so we can’t (laughs).

GE: Any plans for more covers in the future?
McKinnon: We’ll see. I really enjoy working on covers and have a lot of fun doing it. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it but you never know nothings ever planned.

GE: What can we expect from ADTR the rest of the year?
McKinnon: Were going to be touring non-stop. We’re going to try and hit all of the major countries that people go to, like we haven’t played Japan yet so we are going to plan that. If we can’t were definitely going to do it next year. We’re going to be touring with Warped Tour, then a headliner at the end of the year then back to Europe and the United Kingdom in October then hopefully Australia in December. We’re going to be hitting up the UK before Warped in June as well for all of the festivals.

For more information on the boys in A Day to Remember, head to www.myspace.com/adaytoremember.