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Atreyu – “In Our Wake” (Spinefarm)

While it might be a little shortsighted to say that Atreyu has outgrown metalcore, they certainly have left the genre in their wake (see what I did there?) long ago, thanks, in large part, to their ability and willingness to change and adapt with the times, something their former genre brethren cannot say for themselves. The band’s latest entry into their ever-evolving canon, In Our Wake, is yet another example that Atreyu is reluctant to stand pat, and deathly averse to being pigeonholed into just one sound.
Opener “In Our Wake” harkens back to the brilliant accessibility of Lead Sails Paper Anchor, while drummer/clean vocalist extraordinaire Brandon Saller puts a charge into “House Of Gold,” the heaviest song Hell Or Highwater never wrote. “The Time Is Now” is a radio-ready rallying cry, which might end up as one of the best singles this band has ever penned. Guitar duo Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel put on a show on the snarling beast "Nothing Will Ever Change," a welcome…

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